Dear First Presbyterian Church Family,


We are at the beginning of an important vision process. This process will involve the entire congregation in a series of conversations to gather stories, ideas, opinions and hopes about the next chapter in the life of First Presbyterian Church. This vision process is being called “Eyes on Christ” - Envisioning our Future.


Earlier this year the Communications Team adopted a guiding theme for our pastoral transition at First Presbyterian. You received a mailing explaining this “Eyes on Christ” theme in the Spring. Our desire is to keep our attention on what is most important - Jesus Christ and his mission at First. Our leaders and staff have been praying that God would make it clear to all what kind of church we can be in the coming years. And a big part of this is to hear from the people in our congregation as they talk about what is most inspiring to you.


On August 25th we heard about this vision process, met the people leading us through the process, and asked our questions about how this processes will result in installing our next pastoral team.


As part of the vision process, the EOF (Envisioning Our Future) Leadership Team  requests your participation in three 90-minute congregational gatherings to take place on:


September 29, October 20 & November 10


For more information about "Eyes on Christ: Envisioning Our Future"

please see the Special Issue of Steeple to People Newsletter mailed at the end of August 2019






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