Child Care

Location: Room #37

Care for children ages 6 weeks through Kindergarten is available from 6:00 – 8:00pm on Community Nights, staffed by our wonderful team of Sunday morning caregivers. Please feel free to bring your little ones!






Suggested meal donation:





Join us for a 7-week series of Wednesday night meals and mid-week spiritual formation offerings. We believe that sharing meals together and learning alongside one another deepens our connection as a community. Enjoy a simple meal followed by a range of class offerings.




Location: Library | Host: Bob Hallinger

Godspeed is the true story of an American pastor whose desire to change the world grinds to a halt in a Scottish parish. Explore how slowing down actually leads us into living at God's pace - the pace of being known.


The Fascinating Story of the Bible

Location: Rm. #214 (Wellspring)| Host: Bill Adams

A short-course introduction to the world's best-selling book! Learn the structure of the Bible and how it got that way, the special significance the first five books, the essence of the “synoptic” gospels, the importance of Paul's letters, the timeline for the writing and inclusion of the books, the evolution of the Bible in English - and much more.


Financial Significance

Location: Chapel | Host: George Zook

Gain practical tools for being wise stewards of God's resources. Topics include Biblical financial principles, insurance, investments, college and retirement planning, estate planning and legal considerations, and building a family legacy.


Six Psalms

Location: George Mann Room | Host: Jen Eisenberg

The Psalms are the heartbeat prayers of the ancients. Gather with women for conversation and prayer guided by six Psalms- one each week. Each one stands alone. Come to one or all.


Illuminate - Middle School

Location: Shirk Hall | Host: Geoff Kohler

A solid time of fun, intrigue and fruitful conversation. Through creative (even outrageous) activity, clear engagement with God's truth and building relationship, students will be invited to establish a life of imagination, whimsy and wonder… all while being ordinary.


Know What You Believe:

A Confirmation Class for Adults

Location: Dream Room | Host: Dan Snyder

Christians' Faith grows throughout a lifetime. Writing a Statement of Faith at various times in life can help keep us aware of these changes. If you have never been through Confirmation, this is your opportunity to explore your faith and know what it means to be Presbyterian. Or if you need a refresher, this is the class for you.


Women's Small Group:

“In the Middle of the Mess”

Location: Room #218 | Host: Dawn Hanna & Shelly McGeary

Through video and discussion, we'll explore the themes of Sheila Walsh's book In the Middle of the Mess. Re-discover how to connect with God's strength in our struggles, and re-experience the joy of being fully known, loved, and accepted.


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