With just ten weeks left in the year, we focus our attention on the coming new year in our life together at First Presbyterian Church, and in assuring a healthy financial picture for 2020. That's why we are giving strong emphasis now to getting sound estimates of 2020 giving from each household. Your FPC Trustees need a true picture of expected income, just as they create a true picture of costs and expenses.


On Sunday, October 27, come prepared to make your estimate of what your part will be in supporting God's work through our staff, our programs, our outreach, and our facilities. This is not a binding pledge, as circumstances can change. (Some of our members report that they could actually give more than they estimated as their fortunes improved.) Your estimate of giving is a simple statement of your intentions.


It's obvious, of course, that you are not giving to just another worthy, non-profit agency. But what we may forget is the sound grounding in scripture for giving out of generosity. We are, after all, followers of Jesus Christ who have been blessed with the choice of what part of our treasure we will give to advance the Kingdom of God.

The New Testament teaches that: Giving is one dimension of belonging to Christ, and that:


Giving is a privilege

Giving is an act of worship

Giving is an investment

Giving is one dimension of the stewardship of church membership

Giving is an obligation.


So, how much to give? Try this: “How much could I/we give without really impacting our standard of living and our goals for savings?  Could we live/save on 91% 93% or 95% of our income? Could we touch our savings for 3%, 4%, 5% of our total?”  This is a much more sound way to approach an estimate of giving than taking your 2019 giving and simply adding a percentage.


Whatever you choose for your estimate, it will be much appreciated, because we know you will have made a thoughtful and prayerful choice.


Yours in Christ,


FPC Gratitude Team

Bill Adams, Bob Larson, Bob Osborne, Gus Payne, Brian Rutter



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