Philip Buzard

June 14 (View Obit Here)


Margaret S. Steiner

May 29 (View Obit Here)


Ruth G. Watson

April 19 (View Obit Here)


Betty Dorsey

April 2 (View Obit Here)




For the Week



For the opportunity to help neighbors

For all those who made care calls through the worst of the pandemic


For all those knitting prayer shawls


For grandchildren who have graduated


For grandchildren who have recently graduated and found employment in these difficult times


















For Ellen recovering from brief visit to the hospital.  For answers and resolution to her health issues


For Chris and his family as they grieve the loss of his twin brother.  September is 4-year anniversary


For a neighbor, George, for healing of pneumonia


For cousins in great danger from fires in California (Leslie Manix)


For Janine recovering from surgery for the removal of a brain tumor (Bob and Dottie Larson)


For Sue and Ed as they wait for results of recent tests.  For good results for Sue.

For a student with an abscess (Krista and Ryan Ginn)


For family and friends grieving the loss of Ricardo Munoz


For healing for neighbors closest to the shooting


For peace and justice to reign in our city and our country, "Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven"


For our session meeting this Wednesday, for God's will to be done




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