Claire Crill

May 17


Bob Seidel

April 15   [read obit HERE]


Dr. Samuel Rice

April 7    [read obit HERE]


Alan Tobie

April 3   [read obit HERE]


Bette Lou Dorsey

April 2   [read obit HERE]


For the Week



For our members working to connect over distance for meetings, fellowship and faith formation.


That our social media connections are growing. We are grateful for the work that Kristen Jenkins is doing to enhance the experience of our church on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


For a balanced, healthy budget due to sustained giving and conservative spending.  Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity during this difficult time!


For all those making Care Calls each week.  People are making new friendships and feeling a sense of purpose as they use their time and talents to help others.


For Andy Kindig, our new Digital Production Coordinator We are grateful to Andy for the fine work that he has done thus far in helping to move our worship and Sunday School to an online presence.


For our 90-Day Task Forces and all the leaders who committed to work on these teams.


For our high school graduates, Christian, Jazlynn, Grant, Lou, Pierce, Garett, and Ella.



For peace and comfort for the family of Claire Crill as they grieve her passing.


For a son in residential treatment program, for health and wholeness.  Prayers for his family.


For a young man who has been battling cancer for the last 4 years.  He is currently participating in clinical trials as a last resort.  Prayers for for his children.


For an ankle to heal quickly so this one can continue working.


For our leaders to have wisdom in reopening our country.


For a vaccine and treatment for the virus.


For our church and all churches to find ways to connect with each other, to defeat the feeling of isolation that can come while we are physically apart.


For those who have lost jobs.  For small business that are struggling. That we would pull together to help one another.  That our leaders would have wisdom in restarting the economy while keeping people safe.


For those who are struggling emotionally with anxiety and depression. For peace and comfort.


For those questioning their faith during this time of testing, that they would actually grow closer to God as they look for answers.





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